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2018-04-28 16:13CONFIG_CLEAN_URL and url encodingyumi2+49-11
2018-02-07 21:23Heredoc introduced for prettier generated codeyumi1+36-27
2018-02-07 20:57Seperate XSendfile headers for nginx, Apache2, and lighttpdyumi1+14-1
2018-02-07 20:43Still show <nav> even if there has been an erroryumi1+5-7
2018-02-07 20:19Text wrap base64 encoded data and correct <nav> CSSyumi1+95-59
2018-02-07 19:52XSendfile support for Apache2 / Lighttpd / Nginxyumi1+8-5
2018-02-07 18:50Symbolic link for simple repository deploymentyumi3+21-12
2018-02-07 18:11Single-file solution for simpler deploymentyumi4+303-288
2018-02-07 17:37<nav> CSS tweaks and base64 encoded background-imageyumi2+70-50
2018-02-07 15:24BSD 3-Clauseyumi1+27-0
2018-02-07 14:52Cleaner error handling for Not Found and Forbidden filesyumi2+126-83
2018-02-06 21:16Lifted script from diary and placed into own git repositoryyumi3+310-0